The human eye is a wondrous instrument, but its observational scope is limited to that of visible light. Visible light is just a small fraction of what actually exists in our universe. There are products that exist, like thermal imagers, that help us see beyond what the naked eye can see. Luckily for us, they are better and cheaper than every before. It is far more accessible for you to take your skills gained at our shooting range to the next level in the field by using heat-seeking instruments.

What Is Thermal Imaging

When you go beyond red light on the visible spectrum, you enter into the domain of infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is invisible to the unaided eye, but you can detect the heat sensation on your skin. The heat energy is detected by thermal imagers and delivered to us as a digital image. The digital image is an interpretation of the thermal energy existing in the surrounding environment.

How Thermal Imaging Work

The front of the unit has a lens made of germanium, which infrared wavelength makes transparent. While a bigger lens is more expensive it will also capture more thermal energy. The germanium lens focuses heat similar to how traditional glass focuses light. The focused energy triggers a sensor referred to as a focal-plane array, which responds to the energy and creates electrical impulses. This creates a digital image of the thermal environment.

Field Use

Basic thermal technology can be use for simple observation and creates new opportunities for sportsmen. Thermal technology gives them the ability to find a lost bird dog, retrieve game, or just to see what’s going on outside of their tent. Thermal weapon sights start around $2,000 which can be used for night hunting.

Increased use of heat-seeking technology and more efficient manufacturing has made thermal imagery far more accessible and less expensive to the general public.

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