Offerings from LAX Firing Range

At LAX Firing Range, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of classes and events to our customers.  Whether you’re a beginning shooter or trying to perfect your skills on the range, we’ve got you covered.  Our Beginning Firearms Training courses teach the basics when it comes to gun safety and how to properly handle and shoot a gun.  These courses are available by appointment only.

For those that are looking for security guard training, LAX Firing Range has a course for you.  This is an eight hour course that will teach you the necessities of this profession and prepare you for on-the-job scenarios.

Our NRA Certified Pistol Instructor course will arm you with the NRA’s professional methods of teaching new shooters the essentials of gun safety and handling.  The NRA is seeking more female instructors to reach out to women to ensure they are well-versed in self-defense and gun safety tactics.

Stop by LAX Firing Range for the annual Glock Tournament hosted right here at the range!  In order to participate in the match, you must be GSSF members and have participated in two qualifying matches.  To find a qualifying match near you, visit

We also offer Concealed Weapons Permit classes. If you are over 21 and have no record of past criminal history, you can make an appointment to obtain an out-of-state concealed weapons permit for the state of Utah.  The permit is recognized in 27 states, but does not include California.

firearms training los angeles
firearms training los angeles