Beginner Firearms Training Los Angeles

We offer a special rate of $119.99 for a two-hour session which includes the following:

One hour of classroom instruction, which will primarily go over safety and marksmanship skills, followed by one hour of actual range time. firing a handgun, rifle or shotgun. We include targets, range time, one box of ammunition, gun rental and the instructor for the entire session.

**Beginner Firearms Training courses are available by appointment only.

This class is excellent for:

  • Those who are interested in guns for self-defense, especially survivors of assault
  • Those who are targets for crime (women, disabled, elderly, etc.)
  • Those who seek stress reduction
  • Those who have never seen, handled or fired a gun before
  • People who have never had any formal firearm instruction

We also offer a one-on-one intermediate handgun, rifle
and shotgun classes. This may be a refresher course for those who have
had some training in the past or just need a fine tune-up. This class
runs $75.00 per hour and you will need to pay range fees, gun
rental fee, target purchase and ammunition separately.

All of our classes are taught by certified NRA instructors and we can tailor any classes for all ages and skill levels.

Please call the Range at (310) 568-1515 between 12:00pm and 10:00pm so we can schedule a class for you.