This course, provided by LAX Firing Range, meets the requirements for the official California Guard Card.  The State of California requires that anyone employed in a security or protective agent position must possess a valid Guard Registration Card.  This course is essential for anyone looking to get into the security guard field.

The Power to Arrest course involves studying the PTA Training Manual with information provided by BSIS, in addition to training on “Weapons of Mass Destruction,”  using training videos also provided by BSIS.  This course uses video and instructor lecture, workbook exercises and a written examination.  Students must complete the entire 8-hour course to receive their Power to Arrest certification.

Classes are done by appointment only.

Please contact Dan Kash at (424) 750-9666.

Cost: $200.00  (8-hour course)

*Course completion certificates are given out after completing all class hours.  Certificates are necessary to have in order to keep your guard status active.

Department of Consumer Affairs-approved class
Required for issuance of Guard Card

8-hour class minimum for guard card (After July 1, 2004) Please note: the changes that are taking place in California in regards to Security Guards, after July 1, 2004 the class requirements change as well as renewals of Security Guard cards. You may stand post after an eight hour course and receiving your guard card. You will have 30 days to complete your first sixteen hours of training and then six months after getting your Security Guard card to complete the remaining sixteen hours for a total of forty. You may elect to take all forty hours at one time also. Prior to renewal of your Security Guard card
after January 1, 2005 you must complete a eight hour refresher course four of which will be a mandated course set by the state and a four-hour of elective. Check the BSIS website for any new information.

Security Guard Training Los Angeles
Security Guard Training Los Angeles

Initial Exposed Firearms Permit Course

$200 per person.

This course includes classroom training that will teach you the legal and moral duties of using deadly force. You will also learn the basics of proper firearms handling, shooting fundamentals and emergency procedures.  Upon completing the coursework, you must pass the written exam with a score of 85% or better.  The range training portion of the course will allow you to practice safe gun handling and provide shooting experience.

Please contact Dan Kash for appointment: (424) 750-9666

SAVE $50.00 if you do Security Guard and Exposed Firearms Training courses together. Total: $350.00


Bi-Annual Firearms Re-qualification:

$65.00 (includes all calibers)

You may rent range guns but must purchase ammo at the range. You must have a current Guard Card or complete a Powers to Arrest class. All forms supplied by the instructor. This is a Department of Consumer Affairs-approved class required for issuance of Exposed Firearms Permit.  Includes a lecture, written exam, range qualification and a 14-hour mandatory class.

Note: class prices do not include ammo, gun rentals, targets, state fees and live-scan fingerprints.