No matter how much experience you have, we are all students of firearms; even champion competitive shooters can learn something new from time to time.  One thing that can go a long way in your firearms journey is an improved grip.  LAX Firing Range, a Los Angeles shooting range, shares these common grip issues and how to fix them.

The more you fire your gun, the more you realize how much goes into good grip technique.  When you work on your grip and strength, you will likely see the payoff in your results and accuracy.  Please take note that the suggestions below are in regards to isosceles or modified isosceles shooting positions.

Grip Strength and Pistol Capabilities

One thing new shooters may not know is how important grip strength is accuracy and general pistol competence.  When we talk about grip strength, we don’t just mean gripping the gun tightly – the grip strength required to shoot accurately is much higher than the grip strength possessed by the average person, and thus it must be worked on relentlessly.

Proper Support from Non-Dominant Hand

Your dominant hand is the lucky one as it has a handle to hold onto, the non-dominant hand is not so lucky.  Catching improper support and fixing the issue will go a long way in your shooting game.  If you want your trigger finger to work independently from your dominant hand grip, the support hand must assist with proper leverage.

Recoil Management

To properly manage the recoil of your firearm, follow these tips:

  • Elbows should angle outward, instead of toward the ground.
  • Use your pectoral muscles to squeeze your hands toward one another.
  • Familiarize yourself the recoil of your firearm so you don’t over adjust when it comes.

Los Angeles Shooting Range

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