Women were once considered to be an insignificant segment in the shooting industry, but today the female population is highly represented in the ranks of first-time and experienced gun owners. With threats of personal and national attack, just like men, women are interested in defense handguns for personal protection. Your local to Long Beach shooting range shares the story.

About 20 years ago, Smith & Wesson lead the charge in manufacturing handguns that are better suited for female handlers (smaller hands means smaller guns). They dubbed their female-friendly firearms the “Ladysmith” line; it consisted of stainless steel revolvers that features nicer finishes and smoother triggers. The line also included a 9mm 3913 semi-automatic pistol with a specially-designed slim frame for smaller hands.

Other firearms manufacturers didn’t venture into the female market for quite some time following Smith & Wesson. When they finally did make the move, instead of tailoring their existing models, they tried to capture the attention of women shooters with pastel-colored handguns. However, just because the manufacturer slapped a pretty color on it, didn’t mean that these guns were ideal to shoot; the slimmer frames resulted in some pretty serious recoil.


Rule #1 – not just for female shooters – try before you buy! Head to LAX Firing Range and try the guns you have in mind before making a purchase. Rule #2 – the smallest guns aren’t always the easiest to shoot. Rule #3 – don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff at our range is experienced in all things handguns (although we don’t sell guns,) and will be happy to give you a recommendation.

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