There are plenty of news stories that claim that owning a gun will undoubtedly increase risk to yourself and your family. Their reasoning being legal liability, accidental shooting, suicide, and use against another person. But any experienced and knowledgeable gun owner knows that simply owning a gun is not the real problem. The real problem lies with complacency and ignorance. Both of which can be easily rectified through training, education, and proper storage. You can start taking these cautionary steps by visiting our Long Beach shooting range and asking for instruction or classes.

Appropriate Defensive Firearms Training

There are an alarming number of people who purchase firearms forLong Beach Shooting Range defensive purposes that lack proper training from a reputable instructor. If your primary reason for purchasing a firearm is for defensive purposes it’s especially imperative that you get defensive training. Simply learning how your weapon operates and how to hit stationary targets is not adequate training. It’s essential to take a course specifically designed for self-defense to learn how to use your weapon against dangerous situations. These courses will teach you how to move, seek cover, when to use a firearm, and offer you practical advice. Learning all of this will increase your chances of surviving.

Education On Appropriate Response

In addition to lack of training, a large number of people think it is appropriate to introduce a gun into certain scenarios when it is unnecessary. Brandishing or using a gun is not necessary for every situation. Using a gun for all suspicious activity can sometimes get you into more trouble then an alternate response would. Lack of training and education will leave you vulnerable. You will lack the knowledge on how to fight with a firearm or when using deadly force is legal.

Proper And Safe Storage

We are all infuriated when we read a story about a child or teen causing bodily harm or even death when they gain access to a firearm that was not stored properly. These situations are especially avoidable. The NRA and NSSF have taken extra measures and have created programs to make sure that gun owners are storing their firearms safely. Since these program have been established accidental shooting by children have decline. Despite access to these programs many still hide their guns in a closet or drawers instead of securing them in a safe. You will rarely see a well-trained and experienced gun owner in the news under these circumstances. Make sure you are aware of how to properly store your firearms to ensure that your child, or unauthorized user does not accidentally stumble upon them.