In homes where guns are kept and children are present, the burden of safety lies with the parents and the parents alone.  Those who take gun safety seriously and will better ensure their child’s safety as well.  LAX Range, a LA and Torrance shooting range, shares advice on guns and child safety.

According to the latest census, guns are present in about half of all households in the U.S.  Even if you don’t carry a gun in your home, there is great possibility that your child will spend time in a home where a gun is present.

Openly Talk about Gun Safety

Whatever your views are on gun control, it is important to have open conversations about gun safety with your children.  No age is too young to begin the talk.  Don’t use blanket statements like, “stay away from guns, they are dangerous.”  This will only peak their curiosity.  Lay out basic gun safety practices with them and answer any questions they may have honestly.

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The Toy Gun Dilemma

Young children, especially little boys, have been playing with toy guns for over a century.  It is important to make the distinction between toy guns and real guns, as well as gun use on television/movies and gun use in real life.  Young children might see actors getting shot and killed frequently on screen, lessening the severity of how they perceive the danger of guns.

If you feel your child is not old enough to begin teaching them proper gun handling and safety, these four rules will help to keep them safe until that time comes:

  • Stop!
  • Do not touch it, at all.
  • Immediately remove yourself from the area.
  • Inform an adult.


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