Crimson Trace Corporation (CTC) was recently acquired by Smith & Wesson and that can sometimes have an adverse effect on a company’s operations. However, fans of CTC shouldn’t be alarmed as they will remain the electro-optics division of their parent company, in addition to keeping their location and all of its employees. Your Los Angeles shooting range shares this review of CTC’s Laser Sights.

Production Process

CTC Laser Sights are made right here in the U.S. They are handmade with patience, due-diligence and supreme concentration, making them the reliable precise grips that they are. Technicians work in individual stations to assemble all of the parts, soldering electrical connections and testing the lasers. Each laser is individually tested to ensure they are within compliance range – 50 feet. Employees in the soldering process of development are specially-trained, each one must have a special smoldering certification, ensuring the Mil-Spec requirements are met.

Superior Products

All of these special requirements explain why CTC Laser Sights are priced the way they are. You might pay more up front, but the value comes in the fact that their products can last up to 15 years without any problems, unlike mass-produced sights that come from over seas.


Advantages of CTC Laser Sights for Defensive Shooters:

  • CTC lasers work wonderfully in low-level outdoor and indoor lighting, allowing you to shorten your aiming process. This allows you to focus on your surroundings and the next move of your attacker.
  • Lasers can put fear in an attacker because there is no doubt that they are in an immediate danger of being shot, and they can clearly see where they will be shot. This might encourage them to rethink their next move.
  • If your vision is impaired due to weather or injury, the shooter will still be able to see the laser sights when focusing on the gun’s sights might be difficult.

Los Angeles Shooting Range

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