Along with mental fortitude, elite operators rely on their refined movement to gain an advantage. As one of the best Los Angeles shooting range, we see a lot of gun owners under the same false pretense that just visiting the range, firing off a couple hundred rounds, and destroying a paper target makes them great marksmen. While time at the range will help you develop sight alignment, and get good groupings, you’ll need to add a few things to the equations if you want to be thoroughly prepared for a self-defensive purpose. You can learn, in further detail, each of these steps in one of our tactical training courses.


If you want to maneuver like an elite operator or be successful in a self-defense situation you will have to address your fitness level. Adding a firearm into the equation just enhances how important fitness is. During a home invasion, you can bet that your heart will pound, breathing will become heavy, and your hands will sweat. If your fitness fails you, you will be taking yourself out of the running before the conflict begins.

Maintaining your second amendment rights means being responsible, and being responsible means making exercise part of your weekly routine. If you think you don’t have time, think about the schedule of an elite operator. They are sure to have jam-packed schedules yet they still manage to fit a regular fitness routine in.


Combative situations will change your breathing habits, you’ll find yourself holding your breath. Holding your breath will restrict your movement and by not exhaling you are adding unnecessary stress to the situation.

When you are learning how to shoot, it is instilled in you that to hit your target with a good grouping you have to breath normal. Holding your breath causes you to retain carbon dioxide, in turn, increasing your heart rate. Remembering to exhale is important but remembering to exhale forcefully is even better. Doing so will lower that increased heart rate and help you recover quicker.

Joint Mobility

You are only as healthy as your joints. Once your joints begin to stiffen up you become old. And as you get older muscle tone will deteriorate along with other youthful traits. Practice moving your joints in various directions, daily, and you will be battle ready at a moments notice.

Midfoot Drive

By adopting a midfoot drive your body weight will be evenly distributed between your toes and heel. This will give the advantage regardless of terrain since obstacles can be deadly. A midfoot drive will control step placement, better body weight distribution, and greater awareness. If an obstacle does pop up you won’t slip, twist an ankle, or worse, alert your position to an enemy. This simple principle is what separates a guy with a gun from an elite operator.

Spinal Alignment

One element of proper biomechanics is maintaining a long spine. When moving with your firearm in the ready position you must stand tall. This will give you better vision to clear each room and quicken your reaction time.

Arching or rounding your back will collapse your lungs, impeding your breathing. Since your nervous system is already in overdrive you need to avoid any extra problems. Additionally, when you fail to maintain a long spine your body went has a tendency to fall on your heels or toes, throwing you off balance. You will be thankful you have good balance when your enemy tries to grab your gun.

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