If you’re looking for practical aiming solutions then a reflex sight is your answer. Reflex sights has multiple mounting options that will make it a great enhancement across multiple platforms. LAX Firing Range is the ideal Los Angeles shooting range to test our your improved accuracy.

What Is Reflex Sight

Reflex sight is an optical device used to improve shooting range and accuracy. The most common reflex sights use a red dot, which is where it gets its name – micro red-dot. The shooter looks through a partially reflecting glass element and the aiming point is projected on the glass. Making it look as if the object is right in front of you. The sight will improve your performance and has the ability to be mounted on almost any gun of your choice.

Why Would You Want One?Los Angeles Shooting Range

For those of you that enjoy shooting things that are 150 yards or closer and more active targets than consider a reflex sight. With faster target acquisitions, a reflex sight will make you quicker and more precise. These are especially effective on a handgun since you won’t have to line up a front and rear sight.

For those of you with fading vision that are seeing performance diminish as a result will find reflex sights helpful. Since you won’t have to worry about seeing fixed blurry sights on your gun, the excitement of shooting will return. These sights, regardless of your eyesight, will improve your effectiveness, accuracy, and range.

Handguns And Red-Dot SightLos Angeles Shooting Range

Without a reflex sight you may be hesitant in taking a shot farther than 45 yards. These sights will nearly double your range and double your confidence. The applications are endless as they are profoundly universal. There are also a variety of manufacturers, different types, and multiple mounting options. Do your research and practice with your new sights at a Los Angeles shooting range.