Are you a newcomer to the sport of shotgun shooting?  Are you trying for your first 100 straight hits on the trap field?  Whatever your clay shooting goals are, the following tips from some of the best shooters in the game, brought to you buy LAX Firing Range, a local to Long Beach shooting range.

Type: Skeet Shooting
Tips from: Lance Dingler

  • Familiarize yourself with your gun.
  • Develop a natural index by practicing shouldering and dry-fire, the second the gun hits your shoulder it should be aimed at the target.
  • Pattern your gun at 10, 20 and 30 yards with a large piece of plywood to know your gun’s point of impact.
  • Practice.


Type: Sporting Clays
Tips from: Diane Sorantino

  • Make sure your gun fits your body type (not too big or too small).
  • Practice your gun mount.
  • Know where the target is coming from and determine your break point (when the target appears closest or largest.
  • Have a balanced stance.


Type: Trap Shooting
Tips from: Bruce Maxwell

  • Use your peripheral vision to soft focus the target in your “window,” then hard focus on the target.
  • Look only at the target, do not aim like you would with a pistol or rifle, let your eyes guide the gun.
  • Be patient, it takes at least two seconds for your eyes to settle in on the target.
  • Keep the gun mounted on your shoulder for several seconds after the shot is fired to prevent premature breakaway.
  • Use lighter ammunition to ease the burden of the recoil on your body, he recommends Federal’s 2¾ dram, one-ounce No. 8’s.


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