Regardless of weather conditions or location, surviving in the wilderness takes more than human will and wit. Your survival will greatly depend on the gear you’re carrying in your pack. Whether you’re injured or simply lost, that gear will determine the ease of your survival status. While having a means of self-protection is important, like a gun, ammunition, and having trained at our Los Angeles shooting range, it isn’t always necessary. The following things that we’ve listed are.

Stainless Steel Water Containerlos angeles shooting range

You should always have plenty of water with you when you are venturing into the wilderness. The best way to carry your water is in a stainless steel water container. You want to use a stainless steel container because it is durable and strong. A stainless steel bottle can also be placed over a fire for boiling. When lost in the wilderness make sure you have safe water to drink could mean the difference between life and death.


Your survival in the wilderness could greatly depend on your ability to make a fire. If it is raining, snowing, or you somehow got wet you don’t have a lot of time before hypothermia sets in. You’d like to think that rubbing two sticks together is as easy as it seems on TV, but the reality is – it isn’t. It’s a good idea to carry matches with you, especially waterproof matches. You may also want to consider carrying magnesium starter matches with a white phosphorus tip since you can strike to lite them anywhere.

Compass and Map

A map and compass are important for obvious reasons. They become especially important when your ever-handy cell phone is damaged, lost, or has no reception. If you know how to use your map and compass you can easily find your way back to civilization. Pro Tip: having a flashlight in your pack will help you read your map in low light as well as alert a rescue team or a passerby.


You’ll be glad you have rope in your pack especially when you need to climb, make a splint, lift food away from wildlife, for repairs, and for building emergency shelter. We recommend you carry a 550-parachute cord since it is strong and light.

Survival Knifelos angeles shooting range

You’ll find that having a durable and sturdy survival knife in the wilderness can be used to perform various tasks that include clearing bushes, cutting rope, cleaning and preparing game, etc. Having a reliable knife that you can easily keep on your body will be an essential tool in your survival. Consider a fixed blade knife that is sturdy, durable, and sharp.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is particularly important in making sure that you are properly prepared for any potential situation. The wildness, in all of it’s beauty and wonder can be a harsh place if you aren’t prepared. Having the appropriate medical supplies will increase your chances or surviving, if you are hurt. Make sure you have basic items – gloves, sterile gauze, scissors, bandages, and burn cream are all absolute musts in your kit. Building your own kit will also help you out in the long run. You’ll know exactly what you have, how to use them, and will be cheaper than purchasing a pre-packaged kit.