The end of big game hunting season is almost over. Before packing away your guns for the sad, long off-season slumber make sure that they are properly cleaned and stored with these tips. Long Beach Shooting Range

Gun Safe Moisture

To put it plain and simple – moisture will ruin your guns. To Long Beach Shooting Rangeremove moisture from your gun safe use one of the many quality dehumidifiers that are on the market. This will make sure that your guns are stored in a safe and dry environment. Try using a wireless, rechargeable dehumidifier; they have desiccant beads that detect pull the moisture out of the air. When the beads turn pink remove the unit, plug it in and let the built in heating element released the contained moisture. When the beads turn blue you can put the unit back into the safe. Recharging the unit is dependent upon how much moisture in is your safe. We advise checking it every two months or so.Long Beach Shooting Range

Use Good Oil

Using good oil will improve your gun’s longevity. A good, high-quality CLP will give you incredible results. CLP stands for clean, lubricate, and protect. For those that don’t agree with using an all-in-one cleaner should use Rem Oil. It is a great metal protectant to use when storing your firearm, long-term. While WD-40 is good for displacing water, avoid using it for long-term storage as it will oxidize quickly and turn yellow. Long Beach Shooting Range

Check Them RegularlyLong Beach Shooting Range

Make sure to regularly remove your guns from your safe and check them. You don’t want to obsess over them but you want to be sure that they aren’t rusting away. With proper care they will last a lifetime and will be in fantastic shape when you want to use themLong Beach Shooting Range