Many of our customers at the LAX shooting range from the Long Beach and LA area truly enjoy hunting, so we thought it’d be fun to cover the most hunting-loving states in America. Believe it or not, Texas is not one of those states. Continue reading in order to see our top 10 countdown!

10.  Vermont

Statistics show that about 11.5% of Vermont’s population hunts, and although it may not be a ginormous state, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has stated that more bucks per square mile are hunted and harvested in Vermont compared to any other New England state. Last year, there were 9,968 legally recorded bucks harvested, which is the highest amount since 2016. However, locals are optimistic that 2017 will be their best year yet, due to milder winters and regulations protecting younger bucks. Bucks are not the only animals being hunted though. There is a multitude of black bears and moose in Vermont as well. The numbers show a ratio of one bear for every three square miles!

9.   West Virginia

West Virginia comes in at number 9 with about 12% of hunters filling their population. Due to the abundance of open lands and forests, West Virginia has prime living conditions for deer. There are so many deer in fact; that West Virginia has begun to incorporate urban deer hunts. Blacks bears and grouse are also copious for hunting in West Virginia.

8.   Wisconsin

Recent records show that 700,843 people have obtained their hunting license in Wisconsin, which is about 12.2% of the population. Although the “cheeseheads” of Wisconsin are primarily known for dairy cows, there are also some humungous deer. They might be having too much diary! However, unlike other states, turkey is a popular bird that many people enjoy hunting in Wisconsin.

7.   Maine

Approximately 12.5% of people who live in Maine have their hunting license, and they enjoy going after large game such as deer, moose, and bears. Maine actually has a 16-week bear-hunting season because there does not to seem to be a shortage. Surprisingly, even though some people may hunt deer, it’s a completely different scenario compared to bear hunting. The deer hunting regulations in Maine are extremely strict.

6.   Alaska

14.6% of Alaska’s population has obtained their hunting license, and there are even more people visiting each year in order to hunt. Some of these visitors have come from our shooting range near Long Beach! People love hunting in Alaska because there’s a plethora of game to go after. It’s home to animals such as deer, moose, black bears, dall sheep, bison, caribou, elk, brown bears, mountain goats, wolf, etc.   With such an array, many people do not even bother going after deer.

5.   Idaho

Some people see Idaho as a miniature Alaska without the bad weather, and that is why it has become so popular amongst the hunting community. About 16.2% of Idaho’s population is hunters, and they have the ability to go after large game including deer, black bear, moose, mountain lion, mountain goat, California quail, pronghorn, grouse, bighorn sheep, partridge, pheasant, and wolf. In fact, it’s legal to hunt wolves in Idaho and there’s also an overabundance of large elk. I guess you could say Idaho is a hunters’ paradise.

4.   North Dakota

North Dakota has the highest concentration of mule deer in the entire country, and that may be why 18.5% of their state has gotten their hunting license. The interesting thing is that archery is the hunting method of choice when it comes to taking down Muleys.

3.   Wyoming

Now we are entering into the top 3 states, which is real hunting territory. Approximately 21.8% of Wyoming’s population are hunters and nearly 53% own guns, which is the highest percentage of gun owners in one state. Similar to previously mentioned states, mule deer and elk are a hot commodity in this underrated land.

2.   Montana

Although Montana is often overlooked, it is the runner up for the top hunting-friendly states countdown. This is due to the fact that 240,702 people have obtained their hunting license, which is nearly 23% of the population. On top of that, Montana has one of the largest areas available for public hunting. You will find deer, bison, black bears, antelopes, moose, mountain lions, turkeys, and wolves.

1.   South Dakota

Now, the number one state for hunting is South Dakota. If you’re not familiar with hunting, this may seem surprising, but 25.9% of the population hunts. This area is primarily known for pheasant hunting since approximately 1 million birds are harvested annually. Citizens are able to hunt deer as well, but some suggested hunting with a bow rather than a rifle since it’s easier to obtain your license.

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